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This page is for personal and professional updates and the sarcastic human side of my nature.

     kicking and screaming

My wife dragged me into the 20th century, kicking and screaming, teaching me how to use a computer. yes, the 20th century. Boy, if she could see me now. Well, she is looking over my soulful shoulder, nudging me when I get verklempt over the website design and my attempts at creating content with value for my readers. If I were a visitor to my site, I would want to enjoy the experience and be guided and informed. I intend to do just that, so let me know how I'm doing and if you have any suggestions. Feel free to send them along in my connection page. I am diligent at responding.

    The Habits Code

A collaborative writing effort coordinated by Ray Brehm, A leader in entrepreneurial authorship and writer of many #1 best-selling books. He allowed me to participate in this current Anthology project. I eagerly jumped on board and completed my chapter contribution to his anthology. My chapter title is H.A.B.I.T. Is... as the word is an acronym in my mind for "Healthy Attitude and Behavior Initiates Thoughtfulness." Watch for the release in February 2023.

Those on my contact list will receive updates and prepublication information.

On October 27,2022

I will begin the process of recording my 5-minute interview for my site and media outlet distribution with Danette Kubanda, an Emmy Winning Television Producer, Publicity Consultant, Media Coach, and Writer.

2011/2012 "Woman of the Year" - National Association of Professional Women.

If you're on my email list, a notification when completed will be forthcoming. 

I will also post my experience going through the process on LinkedIn and my site. 

On October 29, 2022

Douglas Coleman will interview me on his podcast show. The main topic will be my second book. "A Promise Made, A Promise Kept, A Husbands journey Through Journaling To Heal The Loss Of His Spouse." Join me or watch on social media platforms. The interview will be posted on YouTube Tuesday, November 1, 2022, or Wednesday, November 2, 2022. 

       Virtual Book Launch

Starting November 16, 2022, and running for five days till November 20, 2022. My second book, 'A Promise Made, A Promise Kept, A Husbands Journey Through Journaling To Heal The Loss Of His Spouse.' 

The virtual launch introduced readers to my writing and effort to reach out to others stuck in their survivor's grief. Offering a transformational guide with positive actions personally experienced over time to move forward and find value in living a life in balance with grief.


I may change the title of 'The Psychology of Healing' to ' Getting To The Balance.' Initially, the approach was directed toward practitioners of health care techniques based on soft tissue and non-force approaches to care. It continues to be my intent in a blog or post format. 

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