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This is my wife's and my journey through her diagnosis of breast cancer and, four years later her passing. The promise was part of her wishes. It took me three years to complete a sail to Bermuda, raising funds for breast cancer awareness, only one of many of her wishes. My emotional decline from survivor's grief and how I moved forward can help other husbands beset with grief find acceptance and forgiveness in their journey.


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Review of A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

Post  by Bibliophile Reviewer » 22 Nov 2022, 01:33


[Following is an official review of "A Promise Made, A Promise Kept" by Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS.]

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5 out of 5 stars

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A Promise Made, A Promise Kept by Frank J. DiMaio DC, MS is a non-fictional book narrating the author's struggles over the loss of his wife, Judith, to breast cancer.


The tale covers the first day he met Judith, their experiences together, the wedding, the early stages of her illness, and the pre and post-surgery circumstances. The author teaches other husbands who are currently experiencing what he went through (and is still going through) how to survive the damage of losing a wife.


The author also reveals his wife's final wish on her deathbed and his promise to keep to it. Eventually, the author experiences a lot of 'monkeys in his wrench' in his quest to fulfill the promise. Does he let these stop him from honoring his words? Or does he come through in the end?


Frank J. DiMaio's writing technique is unique. His distinct description allows the reader to feel every emotion he tries to express. The reader can feel everything, from the love between him and Judith to the sorrow and pain of losing her. This writing style leaves the reader in a puddle of emotions, as it is a lot to feel and contain. At the same time, it is beautiful to feel. These emotions are relatable to anyone who has lost a loved one. To those who haven't lost a loved one yet (which is probably unlikely), it will be a fresh experience. Either way, readers will feel sympathy and pity for the author.


A Promise Made, A Promise Kept was summarized into different events, mainly the important ones that'd help the reader learn the necessary lessons. Much more than what the author shared must have transpired during Judith's illness. However, the writer's ability to gather the crucial scenarios to drive home his point was admirable. Otherwise, there would have been plenty of events and possibly the sharing of unnecessary details.


The author's talk of journalling as part of what helped him through was fantastic. In explaining it, he brought out the perks of journalling generally and how words expressed could become the vocalist of our emotions. This would encourage anyone reading this book to try out journaling.


A Promise Made, A Promise Kept is an amazing read. I recommend it to husbands with wives suffering from terminal diseases; they will learn how to deal with the challenges. Wives with husbands who have cancer can also try out this book. It will also be a good read for anyone who has lost a loved one, as the book will help them learn how to deal with loss. There are no grammatical errors and nothing to dislike. Therefore, I rate it five out of five stars. 



A Promise Made, A Promise Kept

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Post  by FunkyFlowerLady » 24 Nov 2022, 03:11


I like how the author starts from the very beginning of his relationship with his wife. It tells the readers that his love is about more than just the disease, and they will learn more about her as a person rather than just a dying person. I'd love to know what his wife's last wish was for him. Intriguing and inspiring, your review does it complete justice. Amazing!

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Post  by Ceeco2002 » 24 Nov 2022, 08:17


I admire the fact that he doesn't let the obstacles he faces deter him from fulfilling the last wishes of his wife. It would have been very easy to just give up on them after she passed away but he didn't.

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Post  by Mercy Sos » 25 Nov 2022, 20:21


Losing a loved one is tough especially watching the person go through pains, it's sad. I really would love to read this book, it's something everyone should read to help educate people going through loss. Thanks for the review, it was well summarized and I enjoyed reading it.

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The following is a working title and may or will change as the book progresses.

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